How to buy Crypto Rouble
This article will tell you about several options for acquiring a crypto-ruble
On average, a crypto-ruble purchase will take you 5 minutes
This can be done in two ways, each of which will be discussed in this article
First way
In the first method, we will use Telegram
If you do not have it, better go to the second method
The first step in achieving our goal is
search for the desired bot in Telegram
Next, we need to start it by clicking
By default, the exchange is worth the exchange of crypto rubles for the ruble, but if you want to buy it for other currencies, go to the settings by clicking the "Settings" button.
There are several options before us. We can send money to Sberbank, WebMoney and so on, choose "Any Bank of the Russian Federation."
Choose the most profitable option, and start a deal with the seller
Enter the amount of the purchase of crypto rubles and confirm the consent
Now you need to wait for the appearance of the seller in the network.
After the seller has confirmed the transaction, we transfer money to the specified details
After payment, press the button "I paid" and confirm.
When we confirm payment, sellers receive a notification of this, checks for availability of replenishment and, if successful, releases us coins
In our deal, everything went well! If you have any difficulties, you can contact our technical support, they will always help you there!
Second way
In this way, we will buy a crypto-ruble for ETH on the Bitzlato exchange
First we need to register on the Bitzlato exchange
After registration, go to the Wallets tab
Next you need to select the ETH wallet (in our case), select the input page and replenish your balance
After replenishment, go to the exchange and look for a pair of ETH-RUBM
Now we sell our broadcast for RUBM, filling the margins of the sale window, and press the button Sell
Congratulations! You have successfully received Crypto Ruble on your wallet!